Do you offer lash trainings? 

COMING SOON! We are currently re-working our Lash Certification Trainings. We will offer two different courses: Classic lashes, and a combined course for Hybrid, Volume & advanced lash mapping. 

I have no lash experience, can I just skip to the Volume course?

We very highly recommend starting with the classic course. The volume course combines basics learned & mastered through classic lashing, and creating your own hand made fans. Our educator will be doing a deep dive into styling, lash mapping, theory, and the versatility that is Volume lashes. You will need to already know and have fully mastered classic lashes in order to keep up with our Volume + Advanced Styling course. 

Do I need to have a license to do lashes?

No! Lashing in Idaho is not regulated by the Bureau of Occupational Licenses. That being said, they will be creating licensure and regulations through the state in the near future. We strongly recommend having at least an esthetics/cosmetology license in addition to your lash certification, so that when licensing and regulation through the state does begin, you do not have to close down your business. You will also learn more in-depth theory regarding cleanliness, customer/client experience, and the seriousness of doing your job/lashing the correct way and not cutting corners. 

Why do you guys charge so much for lash extensions?

For various reasons... We believe that we charge a fair price for the quality of service and experience that our clients receive. We do hold very high standards for our lash artists. Each one has been hand selected, and trained by our owner and supervisor. Each artist is required to produce consistent, high quality results with our client’s happiness and natural lash health in mind. With the cost of product, and expertise that goes into mapping, applying, and the time it takes to hand-make each individual fan we do believe our prices are fair for the area, and quality of service that our clients pay for. We completely understand if our prices aren’t feasible for your budget, we would love to recommend you look at other lash artists around town!

Why does it take so long to get your lashes done?

Our artists uphold a very high standard for the finished product. The average person has about 150-250 lashes. We isolate each and every single lash and after the false lash is applied to one of your natural lashes, we ensure none of them are glued together which could result in damage to your natural lash growth. We also hand-make every fan that is applied to one single lash. All of these things take time, attention, and care in order to prevent long-term damage, comfort, and the best retention possible.

Why do I have bad lash retention?

There are many different factors that go into lash retention, and there could be more than one reason that you are seeing poor retention. The biggest thing is staying on top of your at-home care of your lashes, any and all products that you use on your face, how often you are washing them, how much you pick and fidget with your lashes, etc. If you have questions regarding at-home maintenance, we do have take home cards with the proper aftercare instructions, or you can schedule a complimentary consultation so that our artists can look at your lashes, ask about your daily routines, troubleshoot, and recommend a plan of action!

It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve had a fill, and I still have lashes on my eyes...Why do I need another full set?

Your lashes are very delicate, sensitive little hairs! Your natural lashes can only hold so much weight. We always stay within the parameters of length, diameter, and size of fan based on the health of your natural lashes, but your natural lash will grow!! The longer the distance between your eyelid/root of the natural lash to where the lash extension is, the harder your lashes will have to work in order to hold the artificial lash. This can cause damage, discomfort, and will make your set look messy if just left on your eye. When you come in for fills, we ask that you come with at least 40% of your lashes remaining, then our artists go through, remove, and replace all of those grown out lashes. So, after 4 weeks, say you have 25% remaining, and 20% of that are grown out lashes, you are left with only 5% of lashes that are suitable to stay on your lashes, and are therefore considered a full set. 

What brand of products do you use?

We carry and use our own lashline and adhesive! Our lashes are made out of high quality synthetic Japanese PBT fibers. Our adhesive is a fast-drying, clear adhesive that is safe to use for sensitive eyes, and is hypoallergenic!

Do you sell your product line?

Yes! We have our full product line available to purchase for lash artists! You can find them in-store or online at fairytalelashline.com!

Do you offer Makeup application/hair services?

Unfortunately these services have been discontinued since 2022.